UYBC has four squads to suite all levels of ability. For competent rowers we have our Senior Squads, split between men and women, within which we welcome experienced rowers at the start of each academic year. If you are new to rowing we also have our Novice Men and Novice Women Squads which offer a fantastic opportunity to enter the club and learn to row.

Senior Men


Achievements for the 2018/2019 academic year have included:

  • First place in Band 1 4+ category at Reading Regatta

  • 3rd place 2x Champ B Final & 2nd place 8+ Uni B Final & Tier 2 B Final at Marlow Regatta

  • A win for the 8+ & 4+ at both Peterborough Regatta with the club winning Victor Ludorum

Training includes a mix of weights, ergs and water sessions, with a strong emphasis on training together as one unit. Experienced rowers are welcomed at the start of each academic year.

For enquiries contact:

Senior Men’s Captain Michael Senior: mfs530@york.ac.uk

Senior Women

Achievement for the 2018/2019 academic year have included:

  • 4- Qualified for Henley Women’s Regatta & 2x made it through to the quarter finals

  • Another win for the 8+ & 4- at Peterborough Regatta

    There are 12 training sessions a week and the squad comprises of both lightweight and heavyweight rowers. The squad welcomes any new members with previous rowing experience, dedication and a love of the sport.

    For enquiries contact:

    Senior Women’s Captain Anette Gronning: amg516@york.ac.uk


The Novice Squads this year have been motivated and passionate in rowing, from being on the water for the first time to competing at national events. This has given them a successful and enjoyable first year at UYBC both on and off the water. All their hard work paid off when the Novice Women Development 4+ qualified for Henley Women’s Regatta and at BUCS regatta when the Novice Men reached the B final in Men’s beginners 8+. Anyone is welcome to join our Novice Squads regardless of experience we take people who have never been in a boat, coach and encourage them to take rowing as far as they can.

For enquiries contact:

Novice Men’s Captain Tally Jones: nagj500@york.ac.uk

Novice Women’s Captain Lily Glover: ljlg500@york.ac.uk